Ho! Ho! Ho! Drip! Drip! Drip!

We are all sick, and despite the national coverage of the snow accumulation, we had a thunderstorm here last week. It all kind of puts a damper on the season. However, this being our first real bout with illness and children, we have have discovered the wonderful laxitive abilities of Augmentin.

I canít beleive that Talia turned three last week. She has aquired all the surlyness that is rumored to go with three. She has also discovered the wonder of the number three. She requests not one peice of candy, but 3, because, and I quote, "Iím big." One for each hand is no longer adiquite. Iím not sure if I should be happy that she can count accurately, (she returns what is more than three) or distraught that she is so adept at manipulating us. She has a wonderful vocabulary and is a general delight. She still looks a lot like Christopher, but has many of my mannerisms. (Kind of humbeling to have a 3 year old mimic.) She is even following in several of my early developments, much to my parents humor. When we were shopping for her birthday dinner, she said, "Mommy, I think I will have some of those worms with tails and broccoli. Like when Grammie came." Worms with tails would be synomys with shrimp. She and her young pal Andy also filled the fish tank with an entire can of food, "Cause they were hungry, Mommy." At Andyís house they covered an old chair with lotion as well as each other. Actions that coinside with some of my early rumored adventures. She is now sporting lacy pants, with the lace in the front, ("So I can see the lace!") The ultimate bribe being a camping trip in Grand Dadís trailor. Now every sucessful trip is accompanied with, "Now I can go camping with Gramie and Grand Dad!"

The ugly venture of pregnancy was once again followed with all the joy and delight of a baby girl. Olivia OíBrien Cobb was born March 10. She weighed in at 8 1/2 pounds and was 20 inches. She is a beautiful content baby. She is very undemanding. Her favorite toy is Talia. Once again she looks a lot like Christopher. From time to time she gets looks that remind me of my father. At any rate, I have strech marks to prove I was there!

Christopher has been at Picker for a year and a half (a record I do beleive!) He has been a recent victem of holliday shopping. Iíve been working deligently on finding my waist. As a result I requested new clothing for Christmas. He returned home very distraught with

We have made many home improvements this year. We have walls and cabinets in the back hall. We even have flooring! I got very excited and wall papered it. It went so well I wall papered the guest room, our bathroom, the front hall, stairwell (all 2 1/2 stroies) and the upstairs hall. Christopher is appalled. He sanded the front bedroom floor. He has done lots of manly insulating, and water proofing and painting in the basement, as well as adding electrical servise in several key areas. All important stuff, but not as cool or satisfying as the vast improvements wall paper can make. We were honnored to have some members of the Clarke family come and visit this summer. It was fun to hear the memories and stories of the house. We are currently involved in a small kitchen improvement that seems to be growing. Christopher hated the flooring, so he wanted to tear it out and sand the floor. I hated the drop ceiling, so we tore it out